5 Sports Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow

Stephen A. SmithStreeter Lecka/Getty

Look. We’re not all into sports. While some of us are ESPN addicts, many of us don’t care about sports at all … except for when a football star marries one of our favorite actresses (hi Nnamdi). But, chances are, at some point or another youwill be exposed to the mysterious world of sports and it’s nice to have a general idea of what the big stories are. There are also some folks in the world of sports who are just too awesome to ignore. So here are five of the best sports Twitter accounts for everyone, fans and non-fans alike.

Stephen A. Smith

Even if you don’t watch sports, you must watch Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s highly-entertaining First Take. And as hilarious as Stephen is on the show, he’s just as awesome on Twitter. Right now he’s pissed because there are engagement rumors flying about. He’s not engaged, everyone!

Skip Bayless

Well, if you follow Stephen you have to follow his better half. That’s just good manners.

Onion Sports

If you love America’s finest fake news source, then you’ll love their fake sports news. A recent article claims that a “Home Crowd Disagrees With Ref’s Call But Respects His Decision.” A must-read sports piece if there ever was one.

Buzzfeed Sports

You know you love Buzzfeed, so chances are Buzzfeed Sports will have just as many epic photos to make you LOL while you’re at work. You may not know who Jordy Nelson is, but look at that photo of all those dudes huggin’ on him! Dontcha just love sports now?

Metta World Peace

If you have to follow one athlete, follow the guy who sends out about 20 tweets a day. Topics range from Tim Tebow to the Knicks, to whether or not it’s acceptable to kiss your child on the mouth (he says it is).