‘Glee’s’ Naya Rivera Is Working On A Solo Album

Santana Glee Naya RiveraTake that, Rachel Berry. Glee’s Santana, or Naya Rivera in the real world, is the next star to get her own album. The sultry singer just signed a deal with Columbia Records and she’s set to get cracking as soon the Glee! Live! tour finishes its run. (Does anyone else think there are one too many exclamation points in that title?)

Anyway, Rivera, though a secondary character is actually one of the more talented singers on the show. In fact, she’s gotten more and more opportunities to show off her vocals this season with pitch perfect song choices like Amy Winehouse’s version of “Valerie” and “Back to Black.” Rivera joins Matthew Morrison, whose self-titled album came out in May, and Mark Salling who’s working on his own indie album. Fans of the show may be surprised that Rivera beat stars like Lea Michele or Chris Colfer to record an album, but personally I think it makes sense. Colfer and Michele are Broadway babes, Rivera is better situated for a stint (or if she’s lucky, a career) in pop music.

In case you haven’t heard her crooning on Glee, here’s a little sample of what the girl can do.

Source: THR