Heidi Montag Releases Embarrassing New Album After Blowing $2 Million on Last One

ALTIt’s likely that many of you have already forgotten the name Heidi Montag in order to make room for the new Real Housewives, but she’s still determined to be famous … as more than the “after” in features on plastic surgery gone wrong. Apparently the lesson Montag learned from sinking $2 million into her singing career and 2010 bomb Superficial is that she should keep putting all of her money into new albums until they start turning a profit.

Montag (who has somehow managed to be chewed up and spit out by reality TV by the tender age of 25) has released the cover of her new EP Dreams Come True. She’s also been plugging four new tracks on Twitter: “Your Love Found Me,” “Party Is Wherever I Am,” “No More” and “Overdosin.”

We really shouldn’t be so hard on Montag. Clearly she’s really determined to be a pop star, and how do we know “Overdosin” won’t be the next “Respect”?

Oh, right.


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