Holly Madison Gives Birth to a My Little Pony

Holly Madison

After living her adult life in an enchanted palace, ruled by an immortal wizard, it seems as though Holly Madison has taken to a more… colorful reality than that with which you or I might be familiar. The 33-year-old Playboy Bunny has drawn from the pages of fantasy (or, at the very least, 1980s childrens product lines) in the naming of her newborn daughter, whom she welcomed into the world on Tuesday. The Daily News reports that Madison and her boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella, have decided to name their new baby Rainbow Aurora. Thus preparing the child for a life of whimsical adventures alongside the other My Little Ponies.

Yes, while mother Madison might have been confined to human form in the kingdom of Hefnernia, young Rainbow Aurora will embrace her moniker and soar beyond the galaxy, transcending time and space to become the savior of humanity. In the name of magic. And friendship. And loud animal prints.

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[Photo Credit: Shea Walsh/AP Photo]

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