Jake Gyllenhaal Coming to Broadway & Hordes of Screaming Fans Will Follow

Jonah HexAnyone who has been to Midtown Manhattan can tell you that trying to walk past a theater when Daniel Radcliffe, any Jonas Brother, or a huge celebrity is in a play is complete pandemonium. Well, get ready for another round of police barriers, traffic jams, and screaming throngs trying to get a signed Playbill and possibly a phone number, because Jake Gyllenhaal is about to make his New York Stage debut.

Word came out today that Jakey-poo is going to be starring in the off-Broadway drama If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet starting August 24 and ending his run in November. Book your tickets now ladies. Oh, and not just ladies. Broadway’s infamous legion of gay male enthusiasts hasn’t been this excited about a drama since Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman starred in a cop drama together! There’s still no word on just how shirtless (or naked, like Daniel Radcliffe in Equus) Gyllenhaal might be, but don’t get your hopes up. Still, you can be sitting just rows away from the Prince of Persia himself. (OK, maybe that’s not the best reference.)

This is a big move for Mr. G, who hasn’t starred in a movie since 2011’s Source Code, which, to anyone who saw it, barely counted as a movie at all. The play, by Nick Payne, is about an overweight British teen who forges a relationship with her drifter uncle, who will be played by Gyllenhaal, accent and all. Does this mean he’ll be at next year’s Tony Awards too? Do you think he will do a number with Neil Patrick Harris? Oh, the gay heart flutters!

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