Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson: The Best Bromance Around

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh HutchersonEthan Miller/GettyThis year’s Catching Fire press tour brought us the boon of copious promtions, and we all know now that Jennifer Lawrence is the most entertaining interview around.  Add Josh Hutcherson into the mix, and you’ve got some pretty amazing chemistry – though not the kind you may think.  But who cares about OTPs when you can have BrOTPs? Forget Everthorne and Everlark (or “Peenis,” if you’re feeling particularly crude): Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have the best bromance ever. I platonically ship them hard, and here’s why:

* They have no problem (and I mean no problem) discussing bodily functions with each other.  That’s what we all seek in a true friend, right?  Right…?

TMI?  Oh well.

*They seem to er … regress around each other (Josh claims he can’t even repeat aloud the most inappropriate thing Jennifer has ever said to him).

*Jennifer apparently knows everything about Josh, from his favorite TV show (Catdog) to his worst pet peeve (chewing straws – oh, and bonus; she even notes that he chews on Capri Sun straws, which everyone knows is tough work for your teeth).

* You gotta love their captions for the Catching Fire posters.


Now I can’t unsee the fact that Cinna/Lenny Kravitz got distracted mid-photoshoot by a passing cat.

* Their sexual tension is (obviously) off the charts.

Bonus sexual tension:

* They freely admit that they act like an old married couple…

* …And quote lines from When Harry Met Sally at each other.


I mean, that’s verbatim, isn’t it? Well, let’s add “hardcore Nora Ephron fans” to their growing list of positive attributes.

What are your favorite Josh and Jennifer moments?  Let us know in the comments!