Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell Might Be Hooking Up

jessica bielAfter ending her relationship with Justin Timberlake in March, Jessica Biel has largely been keeping to herself…until recently. Last Thursday, she was spotted on the back of Gerard Butler‘s motorcycle in Malibu, California, where they were filming their new movie, Playing the Field, and having dinner together. Representatives for the actors argued their clients are doing just that, and that Biel and Butler are nothing more than “just friends.” Additionally, a source who watched them interact while they were filming in Shreveport, Louisiana made a similar statement that they were “friendly but professional” to each other. But even if Butler and Biel really were just two friends who happened to be going to the same place one day, it doesn’t mean that the speculation as to who Biel is dating is over. Today, reports indicate that since she’s so completely over Justin that she might have moved on to her Total Recall remake co-star, Colin Farrell. An insider said Biel “loves Colin’s accent and personality” and “thinks Colin is a blast. They’ve been hanging out together between takes and Colin’s suggested they go out after work.” And sure, actors hanging out after they’re done shooting scenes for the day is probably pretty normal (especially if they want to go exploring a new town together), but in terms of whether or not Biel’s ready to get into a new relationship, let’s put it this way: if she wanted to, she’s perfectly capable of finding her own motorcycle to ride.

Sources: Just Jared, Hollyscoop