Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson Duet: So Weird… Or Is It?

ALTJohnny Depp has always been a bit of a dark horse, but who would have guessed that he would go as far as to join the dark side’s Marilyn Manson? Well, that’s exactly what happened at Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards. Depp, dressed in rugged hat that he could have easily stolen from the set of one of his Pirates movies, got on stage and joined Manson in to perform the epic “Sweet Dreams.”

At first, this may seem like the oddest duo to ever perform together. Depp and Manson… seriously? But think again: It kind of makes sense… in that crazy I-drank-too-much-of-Captain-Jack-Sparrow’s-rum kind of way.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner (no, he’s NOT The Wonder Years star Josh Saviano, urban legend lovers), built his music career on his Gothic image and loud, depths-of-hell-style singing. His early ’90s grim trademark look left his fans itching for more — and still, today, they crave Manson’s musical drugs. Manson has the (black) magical ability to capture a crowd and turn them into a group of entranced, swaying, zombie-like victims fit for their own AMC series. 

But Depp, like Manson, also devours dark material. Just see his first major role ever: A Nightmare on Elm Street. And he only continued to dabble in the dark: Depp starred in the 1990 classic Edward Scissorhands (maybe Manson borrowed some of his styling tips from Depp’s character?), and followed with every eerie (1999’s Sleepy Hollow) and grotesque (2007’s Sweeney Todd) role he could get his claws on. Even in Finding Neverland, which of his more uplifting films, death hovers over the entire plot. And, like Manson, Depp is the deputy of his trade. He can play any quirkily dark role and leave his fans mesmerized. (Any serious role? Not so much — see 2009’s under-performing Public Enemies.)

See? It’s not just the rum — a Depp and Manson duet is plenty logical. (In fact, may we suggest a Manson biopic starring Depp? Please?) Watch the performance below and tell us, is this a deadly poison that you must have again?