Justin Bieber & Ashton Kutcher Attacked by Naked Man

BieberCelebrities, you have something else to fear than Justin Bieber‘s shameful domination on your iTunes account: The teen is taking over Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d dynasty starting this Thursday, March 29. And it already seems that Bieber is handling his reign over the world of pranks with valor — the young musician will kick off the reincarnation of the MTV series by punking friend and peer Taylor Swift.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Bieber — with Kutcher in tow — told the audience that Taylor Swift “is so sweet, I wanted to make her cry.” (Because Justin Timberlake can’t be the only celebrity with an all-too-watchable, humiliating Punk’d.) How did the Beibs get the better of Swift? With a complex prank involving a boat and some fireworks.
Turns out that was nothing — after their interview, Bieber and Kutcher themselves became the victims of a surprise pun king involving two men, one taser, and zero clothing. Baby, oh!



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