Kate Upton Poses in Sexy Bikinis: Don’t Open This at Work — 13 Hot PICS

Swimsuit model Kate Upton has really sparked a bunch of fires this year. The release of The Three Stooges inspired a great deal of controversy over Upton’s nun character being dressed in a very revealing bathing suit. More recently, Upton’s appearance in the YouTube video “Cat Daddy” has earned a hefty sum of notoriety due to its provocative nature — and now, Upton, 19, is the center of a sexy Beach Bunny swimwear campaign.

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Upton debuts 13 new bathing suits in the capmaign. What with this new swimwear line, the popularity of “Cat Daddy,” and her appearances in films like Stooges and Tower Heist, what is next for Upton’s blossoming career? Perhaps a PBS series called Upton Abbey? Don’t say you wouldn’t watch that.

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You can check out each of Upton’s photos by clicking through the pages.

Kate Upton