Kutcher treats colleagues to amusement park visit

The generous actor recently hired out the Six Flags amusement park for the movie’s wrap party, thinking it would give his colleagues a chance to relive their childhoods.

But Kutcher was surprised to find his pals were more interested in playing arcade games instead of taking advantage of the daring rides.

He says, “We shot this movie called Five Killers and I rented out the entire Six Flags for the wrap party so it was just our crew inside the place.

“Everyone got there and there’s these amazing rides, but people just wanted to play the carnival games, like throw the basketball in the ring it doesn’t fit in, and the ring toss thing, and so Superman (the ride) is just sitting there.

“People are taking revenge on these games they’ve been losing to for years. You never win, and they show you the big (Winnie the) Pooh bear that you’re never gonna get, so people were super p**sed. The whole crew were in there and they left with bags of stuff (game prizes).”.