Lady Gaga Calls Out U.S. Senators

Lady GagaYou may not have heard over the constant roar of chatter swirling around that infamous meat dress, but Lady Gaga actually started something a little more positive at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards where she arrived flanked by 4 dates from the armed services. They weren’t just any soldiers; they were a few good men and women affected by the controversial Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy and the start of her campaign to urge the Senate to repeal it. Yesterday, she took to her Twitter to reveal the next step – a 7-minute video plea for tolerance and acceptance – and to urge her “little monsters” to create their own video messages and contact their senators about DADT.

Thankfully, her black and white video message is only mildly dramatic (seriously, she actually managed to take it down a notch for the occasion). It includes a refreshingly well-written and well-informed argument and calls out Senator John McCain specifically for his attempts to keep the policy from being repealed.

And there’s already good news: her video seems to really be working. Though she (in the video’s most dramatic twist) allows her blackberry to ring endlessly on speakerphone in an attempt to reach a Senate rep, it seems that she finally got her response. She took to Twitter again to thank Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand for responding to her call to arms, capping off her tweet with a hopeful request to “Talk Monday?”

Gaga also recently used her star power to speak out for the Human Rights Campaign, the National Equality March, and the repeal of Arizona’s discriminatory immigration law. While I’m probably not the only one getting pretty fed up with Gaga’s nonstop attempts to shock American audiences (we get it, you’re one wild and crazy girl, now take a chill pill), at least she’s also using her unrelenting fame for something good.

Source: PopEater