Lady Gaga Fears Loss of Creativity Through Sex: Celeb Speak

ALTAs much as we know about Lady Gaga and her Italian-American background, there’s very little known about her creative processes and what inspires her to write about poker faces and bluffin’ with muffins. However, in the September issue of Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga gave an innocent reporter some insight into her private life (literally!) when she talked about how she feels her relationships influence her music. She said,

“I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina.”

Ahh, superstitions! While you or I would avoid cracks because we love our mother’s backs and steer clear of black cats because they can do no good, Lady Gaga babyproofs herself from sexual pleasure because enjoying it would mean the frustration and angst would disappear from her music, and she wouldn’t be any good!

Does this mean if Beethoven had the opportunity to reverse his deafness, he’d choose not to because he wouldn’t be as talented if he could hear? Or if a doctor presented Mozart with an operation that could reverse his blindness, would he decline because of his firm beliefs that he makes his best music when he cannot see? That formula seems to make sense for them, and I suspect they really would deny themselves any surgeries that would fix their conditions. As for the present day, figuring in those assumptions in conjunction with this quote, it seems Lady Gaga needs to be horny if she’s going to do anything at all. What a master.

Source: Vanity Fair