Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton, and More: Who Makes the September Issue Cut?

Lady Gaga VogueThe September issue is otherwise known in the magazine industry as the biggest. Issue. Of. The. Year. So big that editors and magazine staff start planning the issue up to six months before it hits stands. It’s a long and arduous process: Editors compete to feature the hottest stars on their covers and drape them in outfits from the best designers, all while introducing the new “in” trends of the fall; advertisers jump to fill these “books” with pristine ads of beautiful young models flaunting gorgeous clothes you’ll never be able to afford. And the process (memorably chronicled in 2009’s The September Issue) works — as readers turn the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and others, we mentally plan our new wardrobes (or mentally plan a career path that would enable us to buy new wardrobes) based on the looks displayed in the magazines’ glossy pages.

But our interest in the September issue extends beyond the fashion — pop culture fans clamor to see which star makes which cover every year. And to read what these glamorous ladies have to say inside the pages. It’s true the September issue is pretty much like a select edition of a rare book… if that book was about Lady Gaga.

Here’s a look at who made the select cut of the September issues of 2012 — and some of the most interesting quotes from their interviews.

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