Lady Gaga Reveals ‘Born This Way’ Album Cover

This weekend, Lady Gaga tweeted out a link that revealed the art on the cover of her upcoming album, Born This Way. On it, the Judas performer’s head and arms have melded to become part of the body of a motorcycle, and the only color distinguishable in the otherwise black and white image is the red on Gaga’s parted lips.


Obviously the meaning of the image relates to Lady Gaga’s decision to expose her true form to us, which goes hand in hand with the message of Born This Way. It just surprisingly appears that the cover indicates her true form to be a motorcycle, and not just a big gigantic horn on her temple. Hopefully there’s a song on the record that clears it up a bit for us, but I wouldn’t count on it — the only reason we now know what the horns are is because she told us.

Source: Us Magazine