Lane & Neuwirth dismiss Addams Family feud

The Emmy Award-winning actor has teamed up with the former Cheers star to play Gomez and Morticia Addams in an upcoming musical production based on the kooky family, who were first immortalised in Charles Addams’ comic strip and then in a TV show and movie series.

The show, which debuted in Chicago, Illinois last year (09), is slated to open on Broadway in April (10), but tabloid reports are already speculating about problems among the cast.

New York Post columnist Michael Riedel recently claimed Neuwirth was left fuming after her part was allegedly reduced, while the paper’s Cindy Adams also commented on the pair’s “frosty” relationship.

But Lane is adamant rumours of a rift are untrue. He tells, “I was told Cindy Adams reported that we had a frosty relationship. And then Michael Riedel picked up on that. The most shocking thing about that is that Cindy Adams is still alive. God bless her, still trying to stir it up, and I wish her well. But it couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Neuwirth adds, “I think we both have a nice, healthy dose of diva. But we also do really go together. You’ve got the little clown running around, and you have a very still, dry person. That’s a fun pairing.”