Law hopes to turn Holmes into a franchise

The Alfie star takes on the role of Dr. Watson alongside Robert Downey Jr. as the legendary detective in Guy Ritchie’s new epic.

Law admits he relished the chance to bring Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories to the big screen and hopes the public enjoy the new movie, because there is plenty more material for sequels.

He tells Empire magazine, “No (it will not be a one-off). The more you work on the substance of a film, the more you go back to the source material and the more you realise there is to tell. There are fantastic stories and even better characters. We would love that the audience falls in love with it (the movie) as much as we have, as then we can (make) a whole bunch more.

While Downey Jr. reveals he too is keen to film a follow-up, adding, “We definitely agreed to renegotiate for a part two. We feel really strongly about that. We might shoot the next one abroad.”.