Liam Neeson Strips for Breast Cancer on ‘Ellen’

Liam Neeson

In his time, Liam Neeson has endured a great deal of trauma for some very significant causes. He battled Bruce Wayne for the institution of panic as Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins. He took down a militia of European criminals for the safety of his daughter in Taken. He waged war with society for a freer mentality towards human sexuality in Kinsey. And now, he’s staring down the barrel of public nudity, for the very worthy cause of breast cancer research.

Ellen viewers tuned in on Monday to find a marginally clad Neeson, garbed only in pink briefs and sitting stoically in a glass chamber, feeling the wrath of one very unforgiving shower, all in the name of the fight against breast cancer. You can watch the video over on Daily Mail.

Watching Neeson embrace the stunt in the name of a good cause assures us that the man is just as worthy of our admiration in real life as he is when defending justice or thirsting for adventure on the big screen. As stated above, many of the 60-year-old actor’s cinematic forays have pitted him against terrific adversity, in the name of some very significant motivations. In Les Miséables, he took on the July Monarchy, opting to overthrow the oppressive regime for the citizens of Paris. In The Grey, he fought a whole buncha wolves, with the motivating factor being his own survival (you can’t have a sequel if the main guy dies!). In The Phantom Menace, he fended off a villainous Darth Maul for the preservation of the Force’s triumph over evil… irreparably harming millions of innocent Star Wars fans in the process.

Neeson has faced his share of worthy foes, and each time has fought for something of value to him. But none of his roles live up to the valor of the real Neeson, as proven by his appearance on Ellen, and his investment in the cause of breast cancer research. Not Zeus in Clash of the Titans, Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia, or Priest Vallon in Gangs of New York. Not R’as al Ghul, Bryan Mills, or Alfred Kinsey. None of ’em. Real life Liam Neeson is a bigger hero than any of them.

Especially R’as al Ghul. That guy was a total jackass.

[Photo Credit: Ellen]


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