The Alamo Drafthouse Doesn’t Care if You’re Madonna

Isn’t it refreshing when famous people are actually bound by the same rules as regular folks? Madonna probably doesn’t think so. Thanks to her behavior during a special New York Film Festival screening of 12 Years a Slave on Sunday night, the Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse chain announced that she’d never be welcome in one of their theaters. Material Girl or not, if you text during a movie, everyone will think you’re a jerk. Celebrities: they’re just like us!

We’re not sure if the best part of this whole thing is that Madonna wasn’t even in an Alamo Drafthouse theater at the time she earned her punishment (but bravo to their PR department for picking up this ball and running with it) or that she called the person who asked her to put the phone away an “enslaver” during a gut-wrenching film about the non-metaphorical kind of enslavement. Perhaps she didn’t notice the irony, not having paid attention to a second of what many are calling a masterpiece. Madge bid farewell to her self-awareness long ago, so we won’t expect to see her in a self-deprecating Alamo PSA anytime soon.