Matthew Fox: Is He Just Alternate Universe Jack?

ALTI have a theory about Lost star Matthew Fox. Which is great, really, because all Lost fans want two years after the fact, is more theories.

But hang in here with me, Losties. What if the star — who was reportedly arrested for a DUI in Oregon over the weekend while en route to a fast food restaurant (Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, perhaps?!) — is really just alternative universe Matthew Fox who keeps finding himself in a heap of trouble while “real” Matthew Fox is wondering how he’s going to get back to undo this madness. Follow all that? Good. Me neither.

Bad boy Fox has such a history of bearded Jack-like behavior it’s hard not to wonder if the clean-shaven Jack version of Fox is out there somewhere on an island… or purgatory… or something. Maybe alternate universe Matthew Fox was here for a while as a nice guy who played Jack on Lost and Charlie on Party of Five and got plenty of calcium in his diet, and then someone turned a wheel on an island… or purgatory… or something and he turned into the guy who gets DUIs and is accused of assault and gives Playboy interviews that would make John Mayer blush. Something tells me this is all Charles Widmore’s doing.

Is Matthew Fox just some alternative universe version of himself and a more Jack-esque version is out there desperately trying to get back? (Lest you’ve forgotten, “We have to go back!” Oh, and “Waaaaaaaaaalt!”) Does Fox’s behavior ruin Jack, and Po5’s Charlie for that matter, in your mind? Or do agree with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up and his theory: “You know what’s interesting about him? … Nothing!” Sound off in the comments section!

[Photo credit: ABC]


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