Matthew McConaughey Is Writing Raps Now, Because He Can Do Whatever He Wants

Matthew McConaughey writing rapsSplash News

Matthew McConaughey may just be having the best year ever. After years of playing the pretty boy, he has officially crossed over into a world filled with powerful indie roles and Oscar buzz. With starring roles and critical acclaim for performances in films like The Paperboy and Dallas Buyers Club, the actor has finally, as they say, arrived. We can even look forward to his upcoming role in the new Chris Nolan film Interstellar, which recently started filming. But he’s not stopping here folks. Matthew McConaughey is dabbling in a new genre and it may or may not surprise you at all. In an interview with GQ Magazine, the actor revealed that he’s been writing raps recently. Get ready world. Get. Ready.

Now the good news is that McConaughey did not refer to himself as a rapper, nor did he make any big proclamations about leaving Hollywood behind for the rap world (hi Joaquin Phoenix). Instead, he simply explained that he’s got a collection of rhymes on his laptop, one of which goes a little something like this: “Rollin’ through yellow lights on my skateboard/Kiss the fire and walk away whistlin’.”

You heard it here first folks. And this only furthermore proves that pretty much everyone, everywhere secretly wants to be a rapper.