Mel Gibson Apologizes to Arresting Officers

Disgraced Hollywood star Mel Gibson has finally said sorry to the three police officers he insulted when arrested for drunk driving two months ago.

The Passion of the Christ actor sent a female officer a $500 bouquet with a note expressing “sincere apologies” and has invited her and her male colleague, James Mee, to the premiere of his new movie Apocalypto.

Gibson launched a blistering volley of abuse against the woman when escorted to his cell, calling her “sugar t*ts,” and subjected Mee, who is Jewish, to an anti-Semitic tirade when pulled over in his vehicle.

A colleague of the unnamed female officer says, “Mel has sent her the biggest bunch of flowers she’s ever seen with a note. She was quite touched and I’m sure that the two arresting officers will take him up on his invitation.”

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