Miley Cyrus Embarrasses Herself on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Girl, Stop Trying So Hard

Miley Cyrus strutted onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to chat with the comedic host and perform her latest hit “We Can’t Stop.” After a glance at her bold, odd outfit — well, odd seems to be the norm for her nowadays — we knew something was a bit off, to say the least. Cyrus sported an ensemble that can only be referred to as “underpants” for not only her live performance, but also for the actual interview. Kimmel voiced his discomfort with the hot pants before launching into 10 minutes of strained banter full of inappropriate misteps (Is Cyrus really asking Kimmel about people who lounge in underwear on his couch?) and drug references.

After Kimmel antagonized her undies, MC tried to save her (practically exposed) a** by making an awful joke about Kimmel’s banged up eye being the result of plastic surgery. And when Kimmel lightheartedly questioned her about hidden talents, Cyrus shifts the conversation to instead praise herself for her utter dedication to her talent. 

Miley also breaks down the weird sh*t that popped up in the “We Can’t Stop” vid. She claims that her taxidermied deer are meant to symbolize the way kids feel judged. “That’s supposed to be to the kids,” she says. “You know, it’s like you’re feeling judged and then here’s this scrawny deer that to me just seems so sweet, and he seems like he would be judged, and so this is him looking at himself in the reflection. He’s got himself all swagged up, he’strying to be something that he’s not, but he has to remember he can’t be judged.” Honey, you can just say it looked freaking cool, you don’t need to try to dazzle us with some deep significance. Stop trying so hard!

The songstress goes on to explain her close-knit relationship with Snoop (clearly also confused by his constantly changing moniker, Cyrus avoids “Dogg” and “Lion” altogether). Kimmel jokes that the reason Snoop and she are “homies” is because he’s always so high, but then Miley chimes in, “Me too, so it’s fine! We both are!” Miley, you just keep living that “young, and wild and free” lifestyle. You do you, babe — but maybe you shouldn’t talk about it so openly on TV.

During her live performance of “We Can’t Stop,” not only did the former Hannah montana star kick it off by straddling some dude, she even changed the lyrics from “trying to get a line in the bathroom” to “trying to get high in the bathroom”… because, that’s so much better, right?

We hate to say it, but this performance is not her finest. Her vocals sound strained and she’s seriously struggling in those teetering heels. If you need to switch into a pair of flats, by all means, do so! The last thing we want is for you to topple over, which let’s face it, you look like you’re about to. Again, Miles, you can just take a step back, chill out, and stop. Trying. So. Hard.

Miley, we absolutely love you. But you’re trying way too hard. You already have a massive fan base at your beck and call — I mean hey, your new vid for “We Can’t Stop” reeled in 30 million hits on YouTube in only six days. So Miley girl, chill out and stop trying to push the envelope or whatever. You don’t need to impress us, we’re already here for you no matter what. 

So Miley, we’re here to say it once and for all. We love you, we support you, you’re the best. So if you need a much needed long vacation to chillax, go for it! We won’t think you’re any less of a hard worker, we swear. But after performances like this, we are left asking: What happened to “just being Miley”? This looks a lot more like “putting a ton of effort into creating a persona that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.” And it’s making us uncomfortable, too (but not as uncomfortable as those sweat jeans, we still can’t get over those).

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