13 Mindy Kaling Tweets That Will Make You Love Her

In addition to being a hilarious actress and writer, as well as a style icon, Mindy Kaling is also a Twitter queen. The Mindy Project star is a master of the social media platform, tweeting out her thoughts to 3.5 million followers. Her observations make us laugh and are always spot on. Teach us your ways, Mindy.

1. On which pies are the best:

2. On how making an effort is a good thing:

3. On how long yoga classes are: 

4. On interacting with your crush:

5. On Hollywood, part 1:

6. On Hollywood, part 2:

7. On what Instagram is really for:

8. On how Gone Girl can be used as a verb:

9: On getting texts from your man:

10. On how amazing Gatorade is when you’re sick:

11. On having good taste:

12. On the evolution of bae:

13. On showing off: