BuzzWatch Video: New Video Shows Us That Even Non-Celebrity Weddings Are Insane

There may be nothing that celebrities love more than over-the-top weddings, and so far this summer, we’ve already seen our fair share of star-studded nuptials. Star Wars creator George Lucas wed his longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson at Skywalker Ranch on Saturday. Their reception featured performances by Van Morrison and Janelle Monae. In late May, Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul tied the knot with activist Lauren Parsekian. They had an elaborate Parisian carnival-themed wedding, complete with mimes, stilt walkers, and magic by David Blaine, as well as musical guests John Mayer and Foster the People. 

Credit: BuzzFeed

But even non-celebrity weddings are pretty insane. Think about it  people shell out tens of thousands of dollars for an event that will last a matter of hours. Buzzfeed hit the nail of the head with this video entitled “19 Reasons Why Weddings Are Surreal.” It’s pretty enlightening about the absurdity of what weddings have become in our society, but it also admittedly makes us want to get dressed up and go to one. After all, as the video points out, at weddings you get to have dessert… twice.

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