Nicole Richie Welcomes Paris Hilton’s Friendship Plea

Socialite Nicole Richie welcomes news that her rift with her Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton may at last be over.

The childhood friends fell out in January 2005 and both refuse to disclose the reason–all the hotel heiress would say was, “Nicole knows what she did.”

However, Hilton hinted on talk show The View recently that the socialites might become friends again.

Richie says, “That’s nice but I can’t predict the future, so I don’t know.”

Despite their differences, Lionel Richie’s daughter insists working with her ex-pal on the fourth season of the reality TV show was easy.

She says, “It was fine. I mean, you have to understand that, regardless of Paris‘ announcement a year ago that we are no longer friends, we really haven’t been friends in maybe three years. We grew apart. It’s that simple, in my eyes.

“So I’m very used to working with somebody who I don’t get along with. Work is work.”

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