No, Jennifer Lopez Is Not Dressed Like Gumby on Purpose

JLo GumbyJennifer Lopez is famous for wearing that Versace dress that was cut down to her navel and actually pulling it off. The same can not be said for these green pallazzo pants that make her look like everyone’s favorite Claymation hero, Gumby. Maybe if they were a different color or a little bit less voluminous, she’d get the on-trend look she was going for rather than looking like someone’s mom going to a bad key party in the ’70s. And what is she waiting for? The valet to bring her car or Pokey to trot up and offer her a ride on his back? Maybe she’ll be waiting there until Halloween finally rolls around (she has her costume all ready). Heidi Klum‘s party is just around the corner! We know she’s not waiting for Marc Anthony to get a job, that’s for sure.

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