No One Is Happier Than Bill Murray After The Cubs World Series Win


The Chicago Cubs finally broke their 108-year losing streak and no one — we repeat, no one — is happier than Bill Murray. Quite frankly, we wish something as simple and pure as baseball could give us the level of happiness that Bill Murray has seem to achieved. We are obsessed with his level of joy. We applaud him at achieving the insane, unbridled happiness that most people search their whole lives for and never really find. It’s like he beat the final boss at life and won.

This is the face of a man who saw his team win for the first time in his entire 66 years.

He was brought to tears when it happened.

He was sobbing with happiness.

And the interview he gave after the win — nothing could quite describe the feeling.

He even tried to cancel school in Chicago for the rest of the week.


He was so proud, like he finally watched his failure of a son achieve what he knew he always could.

That is the yell of a proud father.

(Note the cop who definitely appeared to be a Cleveland fan. Whoops! Sorry, dude).

He chugged champagne and didn’t even care because guys, the Cubs finally won!

Champagne for all!

He managed to achieve the drunkest MLB interview in recent history (probably in 108 years).

Bill Murray gives 0 f–ks about anything in this moment because he is just so happy.

bill murray after the cubs game

Bill Murray, you are an icon. You deserve this win. Congratulations!

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