O.J. Simpson ‘Admits’ to Murders in New Book

Former sports star and actor O.J. Simpson will be paid around $3.5 million for ‘admitting’ to the killing of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in a sensational new book.

The star plans to publish his autobiography, reportedly under the working title If I Did It, in which he will describe how he would have killed his ex-wife and Goldman, in an allegedly fictional manner.

Relatives of Brown and Goldman have criticized Simpson‘s ‘hypothetical’ description of the 1994 murders, and for making money from the crimes.

Denise Brown, Nicole’s sister, says, “If this is true, that is blood money and it’s evil and disgusting.

“Any company that actually pays him for this is just as bad as he is.”

Jonathan Polak, a lawyer representing Goldman in an attempt to recover some of Simpson‘s earnings, says, “It’s horribly frustrating and at the same time demoralizing for Fred Goldman and his family, especially when they read about things like this.”

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