O. J. Simpson’s Son Killed Nicole, Claims Author: Examining His Evidence

O. J. SimpsonPrivate investigator William C. Dear isn’t satisfied being one of three people in the world who maintains that O. J. Simpson is innocent of murder. But the celebrity detective ups the ante on controversial theories in his new book: O. J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It. In the text (Dear’s second book on the topic after O. J. Simpson Is Guilty But Not of Murder, published in 2001), Dear newly declares that the true killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is O. J.’s son and Nicole’s stepson, Jason Simpson.

Dear attributes the homicide to Jason (41 presently and 24 at the time of his father’s trial in 1994) based on evidence recovered from the latter’s garbage and personal storage locker. Among the items are Jason’s hunting knife — believed by forensic experts to be the murder weapon — and photographs of Jason wearing knit caps of the same variety of that discovered at the crime scene. The cap was never conclusively linked to O. J. during the trial.

Additionally, Dear cites various psychological and behavioral reasons backing his theory: Jason infamously assaulted his girlfriend early in 1994 (months prior to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson), has engaged in drug abuse, and has been cited as having “intermittent rage disorder.” On top of this, an excerpt from Jason’s personal diary circa 1994 reads, “This is the year of the knife for me.” Dear finds it strange that Jason Simpson was never treated as a suspect or interviewed by law enforcements in the murder trial.