One Direction’s Zayn Malik Accused of “Enticing Jihad” by Intolerant Blogger

Zayn MalikJust in case you were having too good a day, here’s a bit of news that’ll remind you about the degradation that is human intolerance: On June 6, Debbie Schlussel, an attorney/political blogger, took to her website to chastise One Direction band member Zayn Malik for posting messages about his faith in the religion of Islam on his Twitter account.

In the article, Schlussel accuses Malik of “pimping Islam to your kids,” which she considers akin to spreading terrorism. Schlussel cites the following tweet in particular as harmful: “La ila ha ill lalla ho muhammed door rasoolalah,” which she translates to mean, “There is no god but allah and Mohammed is the prophet of G-d.”

While Schlussel touts this as a dangerous, militant mentality, it is a common thread in the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity (among many others) to declare each school of worship’s respective deity to be the sole true god in prayer. There is nothing intrinsically more alienating in Malik’s expression of his faith than that which you might find in an open expression of spirituality from a devout Jew or Christian.

In fact, the only group to which Malik belongs that anyone should find fault with is boybandism. That is the real danger.

[Photo Credit: Fox]


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