Pitt ‘irritated’ at slow success of New Orleans housing project

The city was left devastated by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina when the levees broke and flood water wiped out residential areas.

Pitt’s commitment to rebuilding the hard-hit Ninth Ward region through his Make It Right Foundation has been key to New Orleans’ revival.

The Hollywood star has so far helped to re-house 15 families and is aiming to boost the number to 150 by the end of 2010.

But the actor insists it’s not enough – because the number of properties they’ve provided for the community to date is just a fraction of the thousands of homes lost in the natural disaster.

He says, “We are the greenest neighbourhood in the United States and that’s only with 15 houses. We will be 150 houses next year. It’s an extraordinary success but at the same time I’m irritated because there were 4,000 homes that were lost in this neighbourhood; we’re just scratching the surface.”.