R.I.P. Lou Reed: Twitter Roundup

Lou ReedGijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns

On October 27, 71-year-old Lou Reed passed away in his New York home and the world was left a little colder. Reed was essentially the definition of the word “icon,” having fronted The Velvet Underground (only one of the greatest bands ever, NBD) before embarking on a formidable solo career that helped inspire and shape the careers of basically everyone who came after him. Never falling prey to other people’s standards or rules, Reed was truly a complete package – a legitimate maverick, a bona fide musician, and a painfully brilliant songwriter. His death has no doubt affected millions of people, all who have their own “VU saved my life” story, and the impact of his passing had many celebs expressing their shock and grief over Twitter.

The Who

Nikki Sixx

Ricky Gervais

Frank Conniff

Martha Plimpton

Olivia Wilde

Carl Barat

Elijah Wood

Russell Simmons

Darren Criss

Susan Sarandon

Jim James

Juliette Lewis

Whoopi Goldberg