‘Sexy’ Darth Vader?! 15 Worst Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes


Who knew there’d come a time where we’d long for the days of “sexy” angels, devils, and nurses being the most eye-roll worthy costumes on the market? Because now, in 2012, ANYTHING can be made sexy! Want to be a sexy version of Jared from Subway? Sure, why not! How about a sexy Kim Jong-il? Hell, stranger things have been done. These days, you can’t click on the “women” tab on a costume site without seeing more skin than an episode of Game of Thrones. It’s disturbing.

Since we’re all pop culture-philes, we surfed the interwebs for some of the most egregious “sexy” offenders in the pop culture department. A sexy Nemo? Marlin would be ashamed. Click on our gallery below, but be sure to watch out for sexy Darth Vader!

GALLERY: Top 15 ‘Sexy’ Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

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