Snooki Appears On ‘Today’ Show, Talks About Her Split Personality

Since the filming of the fourth season of Jersey Shore wrapped, Snooki has managed to keep herself busy. She’s been taking diet pills, exercising, and working to convince her boyfriend, Jionni, that she really didn’t mean to cheat on him with Vinny. She also finished her second book, called “Confessions of a Guidette,” which she promoted this morning on the Today show. Though she never expressly revealed what her fans could expect from the book, she explicitly defined what a “guidette” and a “guido” were and indicated there’s a chapter in the book called “Snookin’ for Love,” where she talks about relationships. She also revealed she plans to go back to Italy when cameras aren’t following her life so she can have more time to really explore the country.

It seems Snooki has also diagnosed herself as having split personalities since the show ended, and she opened up candidly about her discovery to Matt Lauer. She said that on MTV people see Snooki, who’s into partying and getting drunk and purposely running into bushes wearing underpants with Vinny’s name on them. But in real life people see Nicole, who does things like be calm, do business deals and talk to people in suits and glasses, like Matt Lauer. Lauer questioned whether or not “Snooki” was a role model and “Nicole” (I think) said no, Snooki is definitely not a role model because she lives her life the way she wants to, and doesn’t follow the rules. So do we hear that, everybody? The next time we see this person, we are not to call out to her because chances are we will call her the wrong name and that could create a third personality, which for all we know could be out to be the star of one of those “ripped from the headlines” Law and Order episodes. So we better stay back.

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Sources: Daily Mail, MSNBC