Someone Told Matt Damon to Sit Down, Hold a Chihuahua, and Play Spanish Charades. And He Did.

From now on, whenever you begin to harbor the attitude that you are having a good time, you can just choke on a mouthful of dejected failure. You’re not. Your party is lame. Your guests are dull. Your games are bland and contrived. You can foster the false claim that you know how to propagate the ideals of fun, but you’ll never live up to the people behind Despierta America, a variety show from the Spanish-language network Univision. This simple, sleepy television series managed the greatest exhibition of good-timery in the below clip: Matt Damon, a Chihuahua, and a moreover discombobulated game of charades.

That’s right, the trifecta. Damon smiles his charming smile as the Despierta America hosts act out movies sans dialogue (although it doesn’t seem that any of the Spanish words spoken in the clip really help Damon’s understanding of the goings on anyway). All the while, a Chihuahua anmed Halle Berry sits merrily atop the Elysium star’s lap. Because that, my dear friends, is pure, unadulterated fun. 

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