‘The Artist’ Star Jean Dujardin’s Smokin’ ‘Funny or Die’ Video

The ArtistWell, this is counterintuitive. Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin follows up his lauded turn in The Artist as a cigarette spokesperson? 

Well, not exactly. This is Funny or Die — or le funny ou die in French — territory. Dujardin does his darndest, charmingest best to make the detrimental pastime look sexy and cool, but even this debonair Frenchman can’t do it. But just in case, the parody commercial comes with a Surgeon General’s Warning: Please do not let Mr. Dujardin’s charms sway you to smoke. 
While Dujardin’s charm certainly merits some sort of warning, it’s obvious that the filthy habit’s time has passed — even if he is bringing Snickers-flavored death sticks into the mix. 

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