The Daily Shuffle: Chris Brown Issues Another Apology

chris brownOn Tuesday, a cop in Los Angeles was about to issue Chris Brown a ticket for being parked illegally. Brown expressed his anger towards the cameramen who were filming him, and accused them of calling the cops on him so they could get more footage for themselves. He said, “Y’all n______s is weak. Did you all call them to try and film me? Y’all n_____s is gay.” Yesterday, Brown tweeted an expression of regret (but not quite an apology), and he said “I have total respect for the Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it #REALSHIT.” GLAAD, however, isn’t buying it. Of his remarks, a representative for the group said “he irresponsibly neglected to recognize the impact of his words and the unacceptable message that it sends to couple the word gay with negative actions.” Isn’t there an island we can send him to? – THR

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, the Today show’s Matt Lauer flew to Los Angeles on Tuesday morning to interview Lindsay for a segment that would have been broadcasted yesterday. Once Matt got situated and was ready and waiting to get started, Lindsay changed her mind about the entire thing and canceled it. A source said, “Matt flew all the way to LA to do an interview they had already agreed on. They had been talking about it for a long time. But she refused to come down at the last minute. Matt was sitting in the chair on the first floor, waiting to do the interview with his crew all set up.” Today spokesperson Megan Kopf said, “When [Lauer] arrived, she had a change of heart and wasn’t prepared to talk for more than 15 minutes, as she had agreed, so the interview was canceled.” Maybe she was just too busy looking at all the gigantic pictures she has of herself to even talk about herself. – NYP

Kim Kardashian is “close” to signing a TV deal that will televise her wedding on E!. A source revealed to PopEater that “It will be a two-hour standalone special” and that “Kim is so used to having cameras follow her around that she doesn’t even notice them anymore. Kim really wants her fans to celebrate with her on the most important day of her life. Kim’s wedding will be ratings gold. Anyone that thought these girls were going to be stars for 15 minutes like Paris Hilton was wrong.” How excellent! – Entertainment Wise