The Daily Shuffle: Mariah Carey Lost 30 Pounds

mariah careyMariah Carey told Us Weekly that she’s lost 30 pounds since having her twins, and she’s now back to being a size 6. She admitted she “gained an enormous amount of weight” when she was pregnant, but I think most of us are kind of like, “yeah, well, you had to eat enough to feed 3 people!” But apparently Mariah was very sick of feeling like she was the equivalent of a spaceship that no longer houses the scientific experiment monkeys, and she decided in July that she was going to get trim again. She started working out three times a week and ate 1,500 calories per day and worked out under the strict supervision of someone from Jenny Craig, and now she feels “incredible.” But now that she’s lost the weight she still seems to disinclined to stop talking about how much weight she had, so that’s a little strange. – Us

David Arquette told Howard Stern that he told Courteney Cox that their marriage is definitely over because he’s in love with his new girlfriend. And Arquette revealed that when he broke the news to Courteney that he officially didn’t want to be with her anymore, they both cried. And then Arquette wanted to know why he keeps talking about his relationships, and nobody could figure it out. – Daily Mail

Jessica Simpson says she decided to postpone the wedding after she learned she was pregnant because she didn’t want to be a “hormonal bridezilla” on her wedding day. Because, you know, regular unpregnant brides are never problematic. – Radar Online