The Final Presidential Debate: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – Who Won?

Barack Obama, Mitt RomneyAmerica, it’s been a crazy few weeks of debates, hasn’t it? It seems ages since we saw poor Jim Lehrer get clotheslined by the two candidates. Tonight’s debate was a sort of more civilized affair—the two candidates sat at a table with CBS ‘ Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, and an old hat when it comes to moderating presidential debates. Interruptions, diversions, and complete ignoring of the actual question were alive and well.

Though tonight’s debate was supposed to focus mainly on foreign policy issues, both candidates discussed much of the same talking points they’ve reiterated over the course of the campaign. There were some highlights, however: Twitter went nuts over Obama’s “horses and bayonet” line about the American military, sparking parody accounts to sprout up instantaneously.

Several polls are showing the race tightening up between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. As we inch closer and closer to election day, every single word, breath, bat of an eyelash leans undecided voters one way or another.

At this point, it seems only natural that everyone has chosen who should run these United States for the next four years (because, honestly, could these two be any more different?), but humor us for a moment, if you will and cast your vote: who do you think won the last presidential debate? Sound off in our poll below, and feel free to discuss the highlights in the comments!

Who Won The Last Presidential Debate?

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