The Quaid Saga: Weirder and Weirder

The Daily Beast is reporting today on the bizarre tale of Randy and Evi Quaid — a couple whose saga is increasingly turning into a tragedy.

Reportedly, the Quaids have failed to appear at four separate criminal court hearings and a Texas neighbor has accused them of vandalizing his house. TDB also says that Evi Quaid sent a letter to a Seattle theater critic, containing nude pictures of herself — holding a gun — and that she is developing a museum to her husband’s film career in possible violations of local zoning laws.

The site details the saga beginning with an Oct. 19 court date in Santa Barbara at which the couple was supposed to be present to face charges of burglary, fraud and conspiracy after they’d skipped out on a $10,546.96 bill at the San Ysidro Ranch resort hotel.

After they didn’t show up, official extradition proceedings were begun to force the Quaids from their home in remote Marfa, Texas, back to California to face the music.

The Quaids then chose another appearance date but sent word that they couldn’t make it; later dates were not met either.

On Nov. 1, the judge in the case received a long, rambling letter on Randy Quaid stationery that sidesteps the main charge — that the Quaids knowingly presented a bogus credit card at the San Ysidro Ranch — instead arguing that the hotel insisted upon upgrading them into a suite that was twice as expensive as they room they’d asked for, giving the Quaids the impression that the lower room rate would apply.

The next court appearance (number five) is set for Dec. 15.

In related events, back in September, almost immediately after Deputy Sheriff James Davis arrested them, Evi filed a formal complaint against him. She then parked a box truck outside the sheriff’s office festooned with a hand-painted banner taking direct aim at the officer who is now suing for defamation. On Nov. 3, The Daily Beast learned, after a 31-year career in law enforcement, James Davis was suddenly terminated.

And in perhaps the most bizarre finding, Evi earlier this year is said to have sent a Seattle theater critic several nude photos of herself, including one showing her sprawled on a bed with a gun in her hand. Her note read: “Here is my German stuff. What about these pictures will your editor guarantee there is a good story and tie to the play that’s really funny and about production.” As Diane Dimond writes at TDB, “Huh?”