The Royal Wedding: A Play-by-Play

kate middletonDidn’t bother getting up to watch the Royal Wedding this morning? Well, for your convenience, read on to catch up on what went down. Keep in mind I watched this in New York on Eastern Standard Time, which is five hours behind English timekeeping so while it was 6 AM here, it was 11 AM there AND IT WAS DELIGHTFULLY NOT PAINFUL AT ALL.

5:41 AM – 5:50 AM: Guests arrive, including Prince Charles and Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth. NBC anchors speculate as to when The Queen will retire/die.

5:52 AM – Kate Middleton leaves the Goring Hotel with her father and drive to Westminster Abbey.

6:00 AM – Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey.

6:04: AM – The procession starts. Prince Charles and Prince Harry walk down the aisle and take their places at the altar.

6:05 AM – Kate Middleton is walked down the aisle by her father. Her sister Pippa and the bridesmaids follow her, as is customary in Britain.

6:11 AM – Various hymns are sung, including the one performed at Princess Diana’s funeral.

6:13 AM – “Dearly Beloved…” The concept of marriage is explained. The Archbishop asks if there’s anyone who does not wish for the couple to get married and for them to speak nor or forever hold their piece.

6:15 AM: Prince William takes Kate.

6:15 AM: Kate takes Prince William. Kate’s hand is moved from her father’s arm into Prince William’s hand.

6:18 AM: Prince William puts a ring made of Welsh gold on Kate’s finger.

6:20 AM: They are pronounced man and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

6:23 AM: The couple goes to the side of the altar to sing more hymns.

6:29 AM: More hymns.

6:32 AM: “Marriage is intended to help a man and wife become who God wants them to become.”

6:46 AM: Kate and Prince William return to the altar to pray.

6:52 AM: Trumpets, drums, etc.

6:53 AM: The couple exits to sign the registry privately.

7:03 AM: The procession begins again and Prince William and Kate begin to leave the Abbey as husband and wife. They bow and curtsy as they walk past the Queen.

7:08 AM: Prince William and Kate exit the Abbey and present themselves to the crowd as a married couple for the first time.

7:10 AM: Prince William and Kate board the carriage that will transport them to Buckingham Palace.

7:27 AM: The couple arrives at Buckingham Palace.

7:30 AM: The Queen arrives in her Scottish coach at Buckingham Palace.


8:25 AM: The couple kisses twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

8:33 AM: The couple leaves the balcony.