The Tao of Kim: Philosophy By Way of Kardashian Instagram

ALTWe can’t all be Kim Kardashian. But in some way, isn’t that what Kim Kardashian is here to teach us? Is she not a noble soldier of truth, acting as a mirror to all of life’s ups and downs, opening herself up so that we may glance up on these refractions and walk away with greater understanding of the world?

At first glance, it may not seem like Kardashian is reaching a higher plane of thinking by tweeting about having lunch with Kanye or posting photos of herself in scantily clad bathing suits, but perhaps it is us who are not peering close enough. Are her self-obsessed insights gratuitous or inquisitive? If Plato had Twitter, he might be posting the same pics.

To better understand the philosophy of Kim K, we’ve gathered a few of her most recent Instagram photos and coupled them with the world’s greatest minds. If you don’t think pouty lip portraits hold the key to mankind’s greatest inquiries, then you need to check out The Tao of Kim:

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[Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian]

Tao of Kim