Three Things Nnamdi Asomugha Can Do Now That He’s Retiring From The NFL

Nnamdi AsomughaMichael Zagaris/Getty

Nnamdi Asomugha. A name millions of us never would have heard of, had it not been for his marriage to the incomparable Kerry Washington. But for those of us who are die-hard fans of the Scandal star, Asomugha has proved to be a suitable fit for our Kerry. Hard-working, handsome, and well-known and respected for his charitable disposition, he has certainly earned himself a new set of fans who typically aren’t tuning in to Monday Night Football. Seriously, he’s just the sweetest.

But alas, he’s officially retired now, and he’ll be ending his career with the Oakland Raiders. And we have a few ideas for how he might pass the time … and yes. Most of them revolve around Kerry Washington, because she is everything.

Finally, Finally Make A Public Appearance With His Wife

Seriously. As good as these paparazzi are, they have yet to get a photo of Asomugha with Washington! With awards season fast-approaching, we’re ready for these two to really, really make it official and pop up on the red carpet together. 

Continue His Work With Charitable Organizations

His two charities — Asomugha College Tour for Scholars program and the Orphans and Widows In Need Foundation — have helped a lot of people and saved many lives here in America and in Nigeria, where both of his parents were born. 

Be The Stay-At-Home Dad Of Our Dreams

Have you ever seen the movie Little Children? Yeah. There’s nothing more attractive than a stay-at-home Dad, and since Washington and Asomugha are expecting their first child together, we’d love to see him strap on the BABYBJÖRN carrier and get it poppin’.

Make A Guest Appearance On Scandal … Maybe … Please?

Okay, we’re reaching with this one but how awesome would this be?! He could totally play a new client for Olivia Pope & Associates, or he could just be some hottie extra working in the White House. We’re not picky. But this should totally happen.