5 Hilarious Times Celebrities Fooled Their Fans

There’s nothing better than a good prank to make your day. They’re exciting, funny, and create hilarious memories. Therefore, when a celebrity decides to step out of their comfort zone and pull one over on their fans, it’s hard not to be totally impressed and entertained! Just this week, Justin Bieber gave us a heart attack with an Instagram post of him holding a baby girl and captioning it with, “My daughter.” Of course it was just a joke. However, this got us looking back at 5 hilarious times celebrities fooled their fans.

1. When Miley Cyrus Tricked Her Fans On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Miley Cyrus portraying an Australian reporter for Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “I Witness News “segment last summer was insanely awesome. Crazy to see no one recognized her!

2. Ariana Grande’s Hair Makeover!

Ariana Grande fooled her fans by posting a pic to social media showing off a head of freshly dyed blue hair. Fans freaked, but Ariana was only playing around with Photoshop. Phew!

3. Harry Styles Cuts His Prized Hair?!

Speaking of hair pranks, before One Direction‘s Harry Styles really lopped off his long locs, the singer hinted at taking shears to his head on Twitter. After posting a photo showing a pile of brown hair, fans freaked out until Harry deleted the tweet and let everyone know his hair was still intact.

4. One Direction Posed As Wax Figures

And on the note, back in 2012, One Direction got together to pretend they were wax figures to surprise unsuspecting fans visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

5. Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz…Engaged?!

90210 alum Jessica Lowndes and Saturday Night Live alum Jon Lovitz posted a series of Instagram posts indicating that they were dating, despite their obvious 31-year age difference. Everyone bought into the story until Lowndes’ manager stated that it was all an early April Fools’ prank, part of an elaborate marketing stunt set to promote Jessica’s new remix video for “Deja Vu.” … Perhaps this prank wasn’t quite so hilarious.