Travis Barker: “I Want Money!”

Musician Travis Barker is seeking a little monetary retribution for the injuries he’s suffered.

The former Blink-182 drummer is suing the companies linked to the Learjet plane that crashed in South Carolina in September, killing four people and leaving Barker and friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein with severe burns, the Associated Press reports.

Barker and Goldstein were flying back to Los Angeles after performing a free concert at the University of South Carolina when the crash occurred. The lawsuit alleges that the Learjet was “defective” and faults the plane’s pilots, claiming they were improperly trained and should have tried to take off rather than continue down the runway, AP reports. The jet was owned by Global Exec Aviation, a Long Beach, Calif.-based charter company.

Along with Global Exec, others named in the lawsuit are Goodyear; Toronto-based Bombardier Inc., which the suit claims was responsible for maintaining the aircraft; and two charter firms that brokered the flight, Clay Lacy Aviation Inc. and Inter Travel and Services Inc.

Barker is seeking more than $25,000 in damages. for pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of earnings, and medical and legal expenses. Also joining the suit is the mother of Barker’s bodyguard, Charles Monroe Still Jr., who died in the crash.

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