Tyson ‘in denial’ about daughter’s death

Little Exodus was found unconscious, hanging from the power cable of a treadmill in her Phoenix, Arizona home in May (09). Her mother, Tyson’s second wife Monica Turner, rushed the girl to hospital but she was pronounced dead hours later.

The former boxing champ has been keeping silent about the incident, but he’s now sharing his thoughts, branding the weeks after his daughter’s death a “dark moment” in his life.

And Tyson admits he’s still struggling to come to terms with the loss.

In his first interview about the tragedy, he tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, “I really was beating myself up over my daughter. I was staying in the house, depressed; it was a dark moment in my life.

“I am working with dealing with it. I have spoken to a lot of people. I have become a member of an exclusive club no one wants to join. I have been told the pain never stops but you get over it. I am going through a process, trying to heal.

“I am in denial, because I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know what to do or say. I appreciate everybody who supported me.

But Tyson is trying his best to live as normal a life as possible and has agreed to make an appearance in new U.S. TV series Brothers, starring Michael Strahan and Daryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell.

He adds, “This keeps me functioning as a healthy human being.”.