Uggie, Hollywood’s Most Famous Dog, Spills the Dirt on His Costars —...

Uggie, Hollywood’s Most Famous Dog, Spills the Dirt on His Costars — VIDEO

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a dog? It probably sounded a lot like a monologue while the pooch just sat there and stared at you or walked away while you were mid-sentence. Usually dogs don’t have that much to say. But not Uggie, the star of last year’s Best Picture winner The Artist. He has a lot to bark about. In his new memoir, Uggie: My Story, the famous Jack Russell Terrier — who has also put his paw print on Water for Elephants and Mr. Fix It — reveals what life is like to be a dog in the industry. We recently sat down with the productive pooch to find out everything about his road to stardom.

First and foremost, all dogs must have a bitch — and, for Uggie, that special woman is his Water for Elephants costar, Reese Witherspoon. In the book, Uggie dishes on what it was like to kiss the famous beauty. “I have a big crush on her,” he admits to us.

For Water for Elephants, Uggie also got to work with heart-throb-alicious Twilight star Robert Pattinson (or “Bobby” as Uggie likes to call him). Unlike all of the teen girls out there, Uggie didn’t get starstruck when he hung out with Pattinson on set. “He was very, very cool,” Uggie says. “He was really down to earth.” And Uggie makes it a point to let Pattinson’s fans know that when it comes a skateboarding competition, well, Pattinson is no rival. “Robert cannot skateboard as good as I do, but I really like him,” Uggie barks (though Uggie did get jealous when Pattinson got to kiss Witherspoon).

But these aren’t the only achievements Uggie has under his belt. In February, Uggie was named Best Dog in the Theatrical World at the first-ever Golden Collar Awards. Even though he has since semi-retired from feature film-making, Uggie still craves the attention that comes with being a big star. “It’s just been a roller coaster,” he says. “But I really enjoy it. I love attention and to come out to places and do interviews.”

And now that Uggie has a little more time on his hands, he plans to use it wisely. “I will promote my book so everybody knows about my great story,” he says. “And we’re going out to hospitals and all kinds of places to entertain people.”

Still want to hear more about what the dog celeb has to say? Check out our silent interview with Uggie below!

As told to by Uggie’s trainer, Omar von Muller.

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