Watch Beyoncé’s Video for ‘Best Thing I Never Had’

The second video off of Beyoncé‘s new album, 4, accompanies the song, Best Thing I Never Had. In it, Beyoncé seems to be doing the slightly precarious thing getting ready to marry one guy but thinking about another guy. But it might be okay this time! You see in this case, the guy Beyoncé is thinking about as she’s putting on her wedding dress was her boyfriend from high school, who apparently she wanted to marry but then left because did bad things, like looking at other women. So the (slightly weird) concept of this video is that on her wedding day to the man that makes her saunter around an open field like rabbit in a thunderstorm, Beyoncé is thinking about how lucky she is that she’s not marrying her jackass boyfriend, and blaming him for not ending up with her. But the video is actually quite beautiful, and who knows? Maybe on your wedding day you really do think about the people you’re not marrying! Way to find the time to champion another cause, B!