Zendaya Says She Was Refused Service Because Of Her Skin Color

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Zendaya is pretty outspoken — especially when it comes to injustice. She’s definitely not someone to let some racist comments slide under the radar (remember that whole Fashion Police thing?). Now, the star is calling out a clerk at Vons for refusing her service because of her skin color.

Zendaya posted a Snapchat story on Tuesday afternoon which detailed her encounter with a sales clerk at Vons when she was trying to buy $400 worth of gift cards.

“So we just got out of this Vons. Now, I am trying to buy a lot of gift cards. Now, there’s some certain, specific things you have to do when it comes to buying gift cards,” she said. “There are certain limits and some things, which is understandable. OK, cool. So I’ll take a less amount, whatever. But the lady that was helping us—I don’t think she was a fan of our skin tone.”

Zendaya’s pal chimed in, “Not at all! She was rude.”

Apparently, the clerk didn’t want to help them at all! She straight up told them they couldn’t buy the gift cards.

“In fact, I recall her not trying to help us at all, saying that we couldn’t buy the gift cards, and then throwing my wallet. You can’t make this s–t up. I just can’t make this s–t up! You know? This is what we deal with!”

Zendaya also noted that the clerk gave her a nasty look that said, “You can’t afford this.”

“Long story short,” the actress continued, “there is so much progress to be done in our world.”

She was still in disbelief of the clerk’s rudeness. “My cards were loose. So, like, my card fell on the scanner, and she was about to keep scanning the next person. I was like, ‘That’s my card! What are you doing? You know what? It’s all love. Maybe she’ll go on to have a wonderful life.”

Later, Zendaya gave a shout out to the store manager who came to help her. She ended up getting the gift cards in the end.

Vons hasn’t commented on the incident, but we’re hoping that nasty sales clerk gets seriously reprimanded.


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